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Mineral waters and their therapeutic qualities constitute an offer for everyone, who comes here seeking health and beauty. Polanica Zdrój offers treatment  of cardiological diseases, high pressure, ailments of the digestive system, and motor organs. It is the most popular spa in the Kłodzko Valley, renowned for the Wielka Pieniawa Spring. It is the source of the popular spring water “Staropolanka”.

The Kłodzko Land belongs to the most fascinating regions of Poland both in terms of culture and natural beauty. It encompasses the Southeastern part of the Central Sudetes, and the Western part of Eastern Sudetes. Its mild climate, vast forests, interesting landscape, and the unique beauty of the Sudete landscape attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The Kłodzko Land is filled with natural and cultural monuments. The proximity of the Zieleniec Winter Sport Centre guarantees excellent conditions for both downhill and cross-country skiing.

The numerous tourist paths are an excellent place of active rest, and offer a plethora of choices to the lovers of hiking, climbing, spelunking, horse and mountain bike riding, as well as motorized tourism. The Valley also offers a multitude of monuments, containing as  yet unexamined historical mysteries: castles, mines, ruins, sanctuaries, caves, and tunnels, amongst other attractions.

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